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  • Save Time with Short Sessions — Since treatment sessions are often under an hour, you can achieve lasting hair removal results over your lunch break! Electrolysis hair removal is a non-invasive solution with zero recovery time, so you can squeeze in sessions anytime.
  • Get Your Custom Electrolysis Plan — Come in for your free consultation to learn about the best treatment options for you. Our qualified technicians will assess your skin to design your personalized treatment plan. We’ll tell you how many electrolysis sessions it will take to get to your ideal results, & answer any questions you have.
  • Enjoy More Effective Results — Unlike Laser hair removal, electrolysis hair removal can effectively remove blonde, gray, red, and even peach fuzz hair! Electrolysis is also the only FDA-approved solution for permanent hair removal.
  • Trust Our Experienced Technicians — Our skilled technicians have over 20 years of experience in providing electrolysis treatments. Our electrologists will recommend the fastest, most effective, and budget-friendly choice for you.

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