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Treatment of Ingrown Hairs

Both men and women can get ingrown hairs on all body parts, but it is most common in areas where there are curly hairs. These hairs grow sideways into the skin and can cause bumps, skin discoloration and scarring. Men routinely get them on the face, as a results of shaving and women from shaving, tweezing and threading hair.

An ingrown is a hair that will not go away on its own, as it becomes trapped below the surface of the skin. Both electrolysis and laser hair removal can be an effective way to treat this situation.

With electrolysis, the hair needs to be dislodged from underneath the skin and treated with an electrical current. If the hair is red, blonde or gray, this is the only choice for permanently removing the ingrown. If the hair has dark pigment, a laser can treat the ingrown hair over the surface of the skin, disintegrating it where it lies. This is an excellent choice for African Americans with pseudofolliculitus barbae (shaving bumps).

Both laser and electrolysis can be an effective way to treat ingrowns and restore the integrity of your skin and both treatments will require more than one treatment.

Maureen Schantz
Certified Professional Electrologist
Certified Laser Technician