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Too Young for Hair Removal?

Parents sometimes ask us: "How Old Does My Daughter Need to Be For Hair Removal?"

Unsightly facial hair is embarrassing and can cause image problems for young girls going through puberty. I get inquiries on a regular basis from concerned mothers who are worried about their teenagers being teased. Let’s face it, unwanted hair can cause image problems at any age.

There are a couple of issues to consider when dealing with a girl under the age of 18. First, there is the pain factor involved with both electrolysis and laser hair removal. Secondly, does the teen consider this a problem and if so, is she willing to within stand the discomfort of the treatment to get permanent results?

The teen is rarely ready if the treatment is being driven by a parent. Electrolysis and laser are administered over time, so the teen has to be committed to a series of treatments. She needs to attend a thorough consultation and understand how and why each procedure is done. This will set her up for the best possible results.

Maureen Schantz
Certified Professional Electrologist
Certified Laser Technician